St. Joseph Parish Centennial 1917 – 2017

For nearly 100 years, St. Joseph Parish has been an integral part of Needham, the Archdioceses of Boston and beyond. Our clergy and parishioners, inspired by faith and love for God, are responsible for many decades of good works—from educating children and comforting the elderly to feeding the hungry and supporting the poor. Our Centennial is a milestone in our parish to acknowledge our rich history and to build an even brighter future. We can’t do it without you.

        Deepening the Faith

The parish has created a number of groups to help our faith community get organized, focused and ready to serve God and the members of our church for the next 100 years. Let us know which one interests you.


To be a vibrant and growing Catholic Community, it is essential that we grow. Imagine what Sunday Mass would look like if each of us invited a family member or friend to Sunday Mass to explore the Catholic faith and develop a closer relationship with God? Our Evangelization Committee is doing just that. If you are good at bringing people together, organizing events and getting other people excited about our faith, then we encourage you to learn more about this energetic group of people. Contact Gina McClellan at artgina@comcast.net  or Jackie Rose at jmjrose@comcast.net


You can’t have a Centennial celebration without sharing history of St. Joseph’s, can you? If you enjoy uncovering history, creating a time capsule, conducting interviews or organizing events and connecting with senior members of our parish, this group is worth checking out. Currently, the History Committee is working on an oral history project and producing presentations to illustrate our parish’s rich and vibrant story. Contact Jim Benoit at jcbenoit73@verizon.net

Justice and Peace

The Catholic Church has always had a mission of social justice and peace, and St. Joseph Parish believes in that mission. On the Justice and Peace Committee, you will help create social justice activities and projects for our parishioners and the community-at-large. If raising awareness in our community about social justice interests you, then you should meet members of this group and see how you might lend a hand. Contact Marion Huard at mhuard@comcast.net


Getting the word out about our faith and St. Joseph’s Centennial activities is crucial not only in drumming up support of the members of our community, but to let the community-at-large know that our parish is a welcoming place for all people. If you would like to be a part of spreading the word of all of these activities, then join this group of communicators who love to bounce ideas and words off of one another. Contact Tom Langford at tomlangford3@gmail.com


Yes, there will be parties and celebrations marking our Centennial. The Celebrations Committee will plan events and activities for people of all ages to strengthen our faith community and mark and celebrate the centennial of our parish.  Possible events likely will include centennial Masses, family days and a gala celebration. Like to organize and coordinate parties and celebrations, then this group is your go-to! Contact Liz Langford at ealangford@gmail.com

New Media

Well, for some of us it’s new media. We have a New Media Committee to gather, create, and share old and new artifacts such as pictures, videos, and slide shows to preserve our rich history and support our mission of evangelization. Are you part tech-savvy, part-history-archivist? Then, check out the New Media group. Contact Bob Horne at rphorne@verizon.net




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About Saint Joseph Parish

Pastor's Centennial Letter 
January 1, 2017

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